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Leaf Blower - Starter Set

€ 229,99 EUR

• Ergonomic design

• High-efficiency brushless motor

• Turbine boost function

• Instant start

• Without battery & charger

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The HENX 40 Volt Li-ion Leaf Blower combines cordless convenience with exceptional working time. It allows you to work with three different settings at a maximum speed of 172 km/h. The turbine fan engineering is inspired by advanced aeronautics technology to create better performance than most premium gas-powered models. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle and provides perfect maneuverability. All batteries and chargers are compatible with the other HENX 40 Volt tools.

Tech Data:

Model: H36CF900HE

Voltage: 40V DC

No-Load Speed: 25000 RPM Boost speed // 22000 RPM High speed // 18000 RPM Low speed

Air Volume: Boost: 107MPH // High: 90MPH // Low: 72MPH

Air Speed: Boost: 530CFM // High: 442CFM // Low: 353CFM

Blower Weight (without battery pack, with tube): 2.1kg (4.6 lb.)

Delivery includes:

• Leaf Blower

• 2.5 Ah Battery

• Standard charger


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On the wave of the great fashion
40V Collection

When you have 2, you have extra power during time consuming jobs but you do not need to purchase a new battery with every tool you buy.
Once you have purchased 1 battery, you can combine it with any HENX tool body.
Also, batteries last longer if they are used regularly. This means, you can enjoy your battery longer! And not to forget: it is a lot better for the environment too to use battery power instead of gasoline garden tools.

Info About the 40V Collection
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HENX is a garden brand driven by innovation and adding value to the garden ranges. Part of an international manufacturing business established in 1992, we’ve pushed the boundaries of available cordless technology.Today we’re one of the world’s finest quality performance garden power tool manufacturers.


The new high performance battery technology, combined with our powerful purpose-built brushless motors, enables the power and performance of gas equipment but without the noise, fuss, and fumes.There are only good reasons to use a HENX 40V garden power tool!

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